red medicine

i thought that this dish would evolve into something else, so i hesitated to post it.  it started out as a quick way to use those beautiful red apples that i was getting. 
cheesecake set with agar in cylinder form, then cut into bite size portions.  red apples compressed and tossed in a ginger syrup, apple-shiso sorbet, speculoos crumbs, red apple croquant, milk croquant.

i got the word yesterday that my apple grower no longer has these red apples.  guess i have to come up with something else now.  quince is at the markets......


Brian said...

Beautiful apples. Do you know the name of them?

ron. said...

i was getting two different varieties. christmas pink and ruby red. i have never seen them before until i moved here to carmel.

HanBaiHe said...

Not sure if you have heard of the sensation Red Medicine in LA created (by exposing a food critic)..

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