future perfect

wood sorrel and it's flowers in the bath.  couldn't be luckier than to find these growing wild all over my yard.  going to throw them onto a creamsicle remake in a day or two.  can't wait.


Koen said...

this is the best herb ever!
how are you going to use them in pastry dishes?

Barzelay said...

I have a dessert on my next menu pairing wood sorrel and long pepper. Planning on throwing in some mint, lemon balm, and kiwi (local kiwi is awesome right now).

Koen said...

nice, i'm looking forward to see them over here;)

Barzelay said...

It ended up being a pre-dessert: fresh, sliced kiwi, some dehydrated kiwi chips, long pepper ice cream, and a big handful of wood sorrel clovers and blossoms dumped over the top of all of it. I took out all the other flavors. Those three worked so well together.

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