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here are the recipes for the dish for the c3 contest. because i it is busy with cooking classes and easter weekend, i will just copy and paste my prep sheet i took to france with me.  the recipes are pretty basic but don't hesitate to ask how some things are done.

1. cremeux
180   Manjari make cremeux
400g  cream freeze 1 hour
70g  glucose
2 gelatin sheets
70g  water
1.5  agar
2. clove ice cream
900    milk steep ice cream base 20 minutes
200   cream
100   milk powder
150    sugar
30     glucose
4       stabilizer
10     cloves, toasted
3. cocoa paper
150   water blend, spread, bake in 300F oven
150   sugar 1 hour
15    glucose syrup
150   cocoa powder
4. clove ice cream finish ice cream, freeze in paco canister
5. coconut milk pudding
400   coconut milk combine everything, bring to boil
140   water set in tray in cooler
40     sugar
20    lime juice (half lime)
8      agar
6. vanilla-clove gel
400    water steep 15 minutes
50     sugar
4       cloves, toasted
1      vanilla bean
2      low acy gellan
7.  chocolate sable
112    butter make paste, roll between parchment
150   sugar bake at 300F until dry, 30-40 minutes
1       egg
5       vanilla extract
25    crème fraiche
150   flour
25    cocoa powder
3     baking soda
8.  finish clove gel strain, shear gellan, boil, set in pan
9. chocolate cake
165    butter make cake, fill 1/2 sheet tray
425    sugar bake @350F  for 18 minutes
8        eggs
120    cocoa powder
6       salt
10.  croquant base
200  fondant cook, cool, grind with banana
100  glucose syrup make croquant
25   FD  banana reserve airtight
11.  blend coconut pudding fill bag w/tip, reserve cold
12.  cocoa paper break into shards
13.  grind sable make streusel (sable, paper, pearls, salt)
14.  portion cake break into irregular pieces
15.  spin i.c.
16.  prep station
coconut pudding
vanilla-clove gel
broken cake
banana croquant
ice cream
cocoa paper
ground clove


Anonymous said...

thanks for the post, appreciate it a lot!

Anonymous said...

hey chef, what is the method for the cremeux?

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