everythings gone green

tonight we started our first in a series of dinners titled "food for thought". 
the first tuesday of every month we do 4 courses based on a single ingredient or family of an ingredient.
our first dinner featured the pea family.  favas, spring peas, pea shoots, snap peas, fava shoots....

it is a fun way for the chefs to do something different to break up the monotony of standard service.

sweet pea cremeux, white chocolate ice cream, yogurt sponge cake, yogurt sauce, chocolate mint, pea and matcha croquant, grated lemon peel

next month is stone fruits...almost seems like 4 courses isn't enough

4 courses with wine pairing for $75.  not to mention amuses and mignardise, not a bad deal


Barzelay said...

That's funny. I just did a dinner with two pea courses. One savory, one dessert. http://www.eatfoo.com/archives/2011/04/peas_savory_bentons_ham_morels.php. http://www.eatfoo.com/archives/2011/04/peas_sweet_yogurt_mint.php.

So when you call that sweet pea disc a cremeaux, what do you mean?

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