sittin' here wishin' on a cement floor...

well, the title comes from the brilliant pixies song "cactus".
the sherbet below is made from cactus...
both are great
it really reminds me of the wood sorrel i had been using.
raw cactus blended with simple syrup and finished with a touch of milk and lime juice.
fresh, clean, slightly vegetal.
i thought it was a brilliant idea until rosario in the kitchen said they have been doing that in oaxaca for years....nothing is new


Pluter said...

Sounds good, but I'm afraid it's not an easy ingredient to come by (and sell) here in Holland....

And like you say... "nothing is new". So here is a link to a reasonably acceptable cover of this song:

Anonymous said...

what's the powdery stuff?

Jimmy said...

Awesome, pixies are great! Tell me, how do you manage to think of so much original stuff to cook?!

call Nepal

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