i've been tired...

it's been a long time since the last post.  easter, mother's day, cooking classes...i really need to put some new dishes on the menu.
to change things up a little on the tasting, i whipped this dish up with some mise en place laying around.  the odd thing is, every night i get comments from guests about how much they enjoyed it. 
rose ice cream, raspberry meringues, warm milk chocolate mousse. 
there's a piece of flourless chocolate cake, some chocolate streusel, feuillatine, and a pinch of freeze dried raspberry powder.
also odd how many people ask how i make rose ice cream.....rosewater, anyone?


Sven said...

you can make it with rose tea...
Infuse milk with the tea and use that as a base for sorbet.. :)

NKS said...

I think the average person just assumes all flavors of ice cream are made by some combination of blending up a type of food + cream + typical ice cream preparation. In other words, I'm guessing most people ask cause they're thinking "Did he blend up a bunch of rose petals to make this?????"

Barzelay said...

You can also buy dried rose petals or rose hips.

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