going blank again

wow, where have i been?
two weeks ago we did our "food for thought" dinner.  this one featured potato. 
4 courses featuring potato.
i kinda took the easy road and grabbed the sweet potatoes....actually, yams.
but they are sooo goooood.
sweet potato ice cream set in gingerbread liquid sable, lemon marshmallow sauce, huckleberries, and coffee-caramel.
for the mignardise portion of the night, a simple potato chip (ha, i wanted to make pommes souffles but i am only a wee pastry cook and don't have those skills yet) dipped in chocolate and dusted with local fennel pollen, and honey powder


Anonymous said...

Question... I've seen the liquid sable before but don't know the formula or technique. Could you describe please?

ron. said...

as far as i know, jordan kahn came up with this technique...along with many others.
basically, make a sable dough, chocolate, gingerbread, olive oil, butter, whatever.
spread it out, bake it, cool, grind in food processor until you have crumbs.
then blend that with grapeseed oil until you have either a thick paste or a runny paste. depends on how fast you want it to melt. spread between acetate, parchment will work though, and freeze. once frozen, cut into shapes or whatever, as it thaws it is very pliable. place in freezer again and it will freeze in whatever shape you want.
either frozen or cold, it still maintains that "sable" texture. play around and you will find the right application.
it's a brilliant idea.

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