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in between seasons, in between thoughts and actions. it's difficult for me to bring up new dishes when there is no new product. summer fruits haven't really shown up yet, and winter is long gone. so let's keep things simple and straightforward...while having a little fun.
at the base is namelaka made with Abinao, some raspberry gelee, rosewater sauce, Abinao mousse, brownie, and simple yet complimentary vanilla bean ice cream. topped with two versions of chocolate croquant. traditional sugar method and a newer crisp made with kuzu and cocoa. like fallen leaves from a dying tree...


Wayne said...

Really Nice plate

I like the fact that it has that whole forest floor kinda feel. I use an version of chocolate croquant that uses sugar and such. I have not seen a dehydrator method, correct me if I am mistaken that's what it looks like to me.
Kuzu is a starch correct ? care to share the recipe ?
Thanks !

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