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i tweeted this dish but failed to put it on the blog.  it's a sad thing that tweeting is becoming easier than blogging.  i enjoy the idea of writing the story behind a dish, or thought, or component.
when it's tweeted it's like street art, banksy style.  here it is, accept it.
blogging has a story behind it, why did i choose this dish, what are the techniques behind it.
why on earth would someone make that dish? 

in our second series of monthly dinners, the Terrior series let's us focus on a place rather than a specific product.  it's fun and educating to travel a little even if we remain in the same place. 
our last dinner was to feature the cuisine of Kyoto.  a little more easy for the savory side with product and technique, i must say.
i asked our resident Japanese cook Akira would would be served for dessert at a typical dinner.
his answer....a bowl of fruit, maybe sorbet.  i couldn't let the guests get away with something so simple but i tried to keep the feeling there.
it started with strawberries, then add shiratama, which is a dumpling similar to mochi made of rice starch, shiso sorbet, yuzu ice cream, and some strawberry marshmallows that i bought at the Japanese market. i could make marshmallows, but the packaging just drew me in with it's cute anime caricatures telling me to have fun with the dish!
it was simple, pleasing with various textures, and i hope everyone enjoyed it.


JPPreaux said...

Interesting but no recipe...

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