maybe i just have a foolish idea of what food and cooking should be.  the joy division song that heads this post has a lyric "i've got the spirit, but lose the feeling" rings so true to me.
it's hard to balance the idea of conceptualizing a perfect dish, testing, tasting, while maintaining a sense of feeling.  could anyone in the world given enough time create one of the greatest dishes?
not that i'm even trying to come close to that.  i just want something that people enjoy.
when we do our two dinner series, FoodforThough and Terroir, they give me an opportunity to be whimsical, spontaneous, and have fun.  the cost per plate is relatively low, it's one service only, and they focus on something specific, either a product or a place. 
the last FoodforThought brought us into spring with a Pea dinner.
flavors came first... pea, mint, white chocolate, lime.  could potentially be a savory dish.
i made two croquants, one of pea puree in the dehydrator, one using freeze dried peas with a sugar croquant base.  lime curd that was set with agar and cut, white chocolate namelaka infused with lime,  white chocolate powder, mint ice cream, fresh peas tossed in sugar and dehydrated to make pea raisins, and mint leaves.


Yulanda Santos said...

Looks great and sounds delicious. Where do you get your freeze dried fruits and veggies?

Anonymous said...

Hey chef I was wondering what the general recipe is for your croquants using the dehydrator?

ron. said...

hi yulanda. how is big sur? i need to visit one day when i am free and have loads of money. i have been getting my freeze dried fruits in carmel at a health food store called cornicopia.
they have a good variety and are of good quality.
check it out.

the recipe for a sugar croquant is 200g fondant icing and 100g glucose syrup. cook to 155 celsius. pour onto tray, cool, grind in spice grinder. there you go.

Tekeros said...

Qlxchange Ha detto: interessante

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