down by the river

our last "terroir" dinner took us to STREAMS.  easy for the chef, he had copper river salmon and crayfish. what does pastry have?
so i instead of ingredients i went for visual appeal.  to get a feeling from sight and appearance.
a new technique i learned led the way for this.  "riverstones".
ice cream dipped in a liquid sable forms an outer shell, similar in technique to dipping truffles.  instead of a hard exterior, the sable forms a sweet granular coating. 
strawberry ice cream, sour cream sherbet, strawberries, rosewater, dried mint, and herbs took our guests our of the dining room and into the riverbed.
here is a pic of the interior of these stones look like....


Anonymous said...

hi chef. i'm incredibly curious to learn more about this "liquid sable" technique. any tips or tricks?

gkoo said...

also what are those liquid beads chef?

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