all i want to do is rock

this is the current rocky road dish, though now that i think about it, i may have changed it slightly but don't have a new photo.
so....this is a rocky road dish.
Abinao bavarois truffles, Abinao cremeux, chocolate streusel, burnt marshmallow cream and burnt marshmallow ice cream, and candied almonds.

people love it, good for me i  think.  there's something about familiarity.  the flavors of rocky road are all there, it's ooey and gooey, yet the techniques are refined.  it's a difficult balance to do something that keeps the Chef (me) intrigued while satisfying the guests.  hopefully this does it for awhile...until i get bored and do something else
and here's some streusel made by mixing chocolate cookie grounds, melted chocolate, and tapioca maltodextrin.  this is then warmed in a nonstick pan until little pebbles form.  the texture is sandy and dry with a rich chocolate flavor.  uses more chocolate than a typical streusel and less flour, so more intense chocolate flavor.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ron! This dish reminds me of elves and wood nymphs. I'm expecting some creature to slink out of the boulders and greenery. Lovely as usual and tasty I'm sure. I hope you and Tink are well! -Lily

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