tough winter

it's not that the weather is extremely harsh, but i feel as if i am being pulled to bits.  so many things going on at once.  i just got back from yountville in the napa valley where i spent seven days opening up a new hotel and restaurant.  my days began at 5am working with the bread/breakfast pastry production team and ended about midnight with the dinner service team.  only to start again at 5 the next morning.  seven days in a row.  i did escape twice to have some amazing dinners at ubuntu restaurant.  back here in carmel we've been having a lot of private parties, i have a dinner at a house in pebble beach this week, and christmas and new years are creeping up...don't have any ideas for menus.
with all these things happening i would really love to still create some new dishes but time is against me...
this dish has been on the menu for a few weeks now, in celebration of winter.  always playing off themes from the savory kitchen i wanted to mimic a pumpkin soup of sorts.
 steamed kabocha squash turns into a vibrant yellow puree which egg whites are added and placed into a siphon to make a warm foam.  olive oil ice cream, microwave brown butter cake, candied buddha fruit, meyer lemon curd buried underneath, and graham cracker crumbs.


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