next week i am going to Germany for the Rheingau Gourmet & Wine Festival.  i will be absent from my kitchen for about 15 days.  i needed to make a menu here that could be executed easily with basic preperations.  the problem is i still want to keep certain flavor profiles and not dumb down the aesthetics.
this preperation looks simple and feels simple but has a very satisfying appeal. 
frozen powdered white chocolate and frozen mandarin powder bury a tres leches cake soaked with mandarin juice, whipped vanilla cream, and carbonated mandarin segments. various herbs finish the dish.


HanBaiHe said...

I am so glad I actually got to meet you - what timing! - and try your beautiful, delicious creations. Thank you so much for your generous gift, especially on your birthday! Hope you have a wonderful trip!


HanBaiHe said...

P.S. Tres Leches - my absolute favorite cake <3

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