i saw the light

been so busy at work.
still i try to take notice of the little things that make this career a fun ride.  always new things to learn, always old things to remember.  here are a couple of pictures that made me reflect and enjoy my job.
what a great way to make meringues, so many possibilites.  pineapple juice mixed with egg whites and egg white powder, whipped with the addition of sugar, piped onto ground coconut, baked in the dehydrator overnight.  so flavorful and light with a nice crunch

simply candied grapefruit peel, julienned, blanched twice, simmered in syrup until completely reduced, dryed on a tray.  makes me think that the best garnishes aren't difficult tuiles or fancy chocolate shavings, but the natural beauty of fruit and all it's complexities. 


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