i used to do a lot of croquants using the glucose/fondant/isomalt method where they are cooked to 155C and dried, ground and remelted.  it is still useful, but i have a dehydrator now.  currently i try to make croquants with purees and juices, adding sugars and drying overnight in the dehyrdator.  the next day i put the brittle sheet on parchment, heat in the oven, cut, rewarm and shape.  while warm they have a wonderful flexibility, when dry they have such a delicate crisp with a full flavor
apple croquant, compressed apples, walnut milk ice cream, walnut streusel, yuzu coulis (gel), goat cheesecake (not baked)
no longer on the menu, never got around to posting this...........


Cruz e. Caudillo said...

looks great, I've always loved that method.

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