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just got our first copy of the new Relais & Chateaux cookbook.  very excited about it.
my first published dish.  can't believe my name is in the same book as Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud, Jean Georges, Joachim Splichal and many others.

i think the book comes out in october, maybe i could get myself a copy. 


christopher ford said...

congratulations ron!

Barzelay said...

Congratulations! So, no stabilizers or added milk solids in the ice cream? Are you using a pacojet or a traditional batch freezer?

ron. said...

this ice cream is "self stabilized" which is why i tried this recipe. the cream cheese has enough fat solids and i believe has carrageenan
already in it.
and i ony have a pacojet available to me currently.

Anonymous said...

Been reading the blog off and on, but didn't see where you worked. The recipe caught my eye as i was flipping through my own advance copy (I'm literally the last chef in the book). I always loved me a good carrot cake, and the ice cream sounds like a win. Gonna be in the bay in the fall, maybe I'll be lucky to see it on the menu? Congratulations!

Zombianca said...

What the hell Ron, I didn't even know about this!

HanBaiHe said...

I missed this!! Congratulations!!

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