i really like this picture.  it is abstract. looks nothing like food.  yet it has shape, movement, texture.  almost takes action. 
it interests me greatly the differences in what people find appealling.  i guess that is the basis of all art. 
what seems good to me is not the same for you.  music, painting, architecture, literature, film...
so many mediums. 
within the food world, a matter of perspective also applies.  i have worked in restuarants where everything must be exact.  i have seen carrots peeled, cut into similar sized rounds, and then punched out with a small round cutter to make perfect coins. amazing to look at when you see a plate with 3 or 4 carrot buttons on a plate that look like they were stamped out of a machine let alone a whole nights mise en place of those same carrot buttons.
on the opposite end of the spectrum, there is something equally beautiful as seeing those same carrots as nature intended them to be.  each one an individual, with its own twists and curves, some fat, some slender, long and short.  there seems to be more going on. 
in pastry, mostly everything is produced by us. we control the shape.  so many molds and forms that sometimes i want to smash the product just to give it another life....a story to tell. 
so i made yuzu meringue, shaped with acetate and dried it in the dehydrator.  once removed from the acetate, they looked like PVC piping.  with a nod to the skateboard days, i smashed them up.
the rest of the dish they accompany is fairly standard.

raspberry cream, vanilla bean panna cotta, raspberries, yuzu meringue, raspberry shaved ice (thanks Pacojet) and some basil
it's summer, i'm trying to take it easy


Jeffrey said...

this is one of my favorite approaches to form in plating, actually - to take a very precise molded shape and smash or tear or snap it so that it regains some beautiful chaos and character while still retaining some semblance of order.

ron. said...

i agree. i really wanted to do a classic layered verrine. but to shake it up a bit i wanted the diner to have to sift through a little chaos before getting to the real treat.
thanks for the comment jeffrey

Philip Speer said...

totally looks like smashed coping...

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