here is the filled praline profiterole.  filled to order and warmed in the oven for 4 minutes.  the "cream" doesn't break or run because it is basically a fluid gel.  i really like this idea. 
it is almost like a coulant.  crispy exterior with a warm creamy interior.
300g  milk
100g  water
10g  gellan F
200g  Valrhona praline
pinch of salt

blend gellan in water, add to milk, bring to boil, emulsify with praline and salt.  pour into tray and leave to set.
blend to make a smooth puree.


Anonymous said...

gellan f, is that different from low acyl gellan and high acyl gellan?

ron. said...

it is low acyl. the gel is very firm so when i puree it, it is thick and creamy. i usually end up blending it with a touch of simple syrup to get it going in the blender

Megan@Piero said...

Did you role the choux in sugar before baking?

ron. said...

megan, i will give you the recipe.
it works great, it is baked with a disk of sable dough and sprinkled with muscovado sugar.
by the way, great review sf gate for pastry at piero.
awesome's all you

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