you say tomato, i cream

the company i work for owns three restaurants.  two here in carmel and one in yountville in the napa valley. once a year the chefs get together here in carmel and have the four chef's tomato dinner.  the chef from each restaurant and me (the fourth). 
we have a great farming family, the swanks, donate tomatoes for the event.  i opted to use green zebra tomatoes because they remind me of tomatillos...and i love a good tomatillo salsa with lime and cilantro.
not having any control of what the other chefs made, i thought the best route to go was light and refreshing. to balance out the tart tomato, white chocolate became the counterpoint.  

aromatic herbs joined in to keep it fresh

green zebra tomato ice cream, white chocolate namelaka infused with lemon basil, green tomato marmalade, effervescent powdered white chocolate, pistachio croquant, aromatic herbs: mint, fennel, basil, lemon basil, cilantro


chala said...

Wow, that sounds genius!, Would you share the tomatoicecream recipe, I tried already several tomato desserts...

Really would appreaciate, if you shared this!!!

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