the question is how fast

here is the warm praline profiterole dish.  i think the concept is good.  it acts as a coulant of sorts.  the filling could be anything.  crisp exterior with warm creamy interior.  i thought about setting it up in a more "bistro" style with sauce poured over the top, but upon looking at the profiterole i was reminded of a large boulder in the sand.  the flavors started with tart raspberries playing against sweet and slightly bitter praline. 
caramelized white chocolate is added to praline paste and turned into a sandy powder with tapioca maltodextrin.  milk chocolate namelaka infused with lime zest bring more balanced sweetness.  the raspberry ice cream is rolled in the sandy mixture to mimic another rock.  caramelized white chocolate croquant, braised raspberries, and basil leaves round out the dish.

been busy at the restaurant these last few weeks.  our chef has moved back to france after accepting a wonderful position in biarritz, which leaves me to run the kitchen until another chef is found...anyone looking to move to central coast california?
so i'll be a little slow putting some stuff up for awhile.  wondering how i could still keep desserts exciting while simplifying at the same time...................................


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