start wearing purple

here are two versions of the "purple" dish.  they are similar but with slight variations.  the dish actually kept changing as i would try a technique using the fruit or juice of the fruit to color the preparation.  some things worked (sauce, croquant, cake, meringue), some didn't work (mostly aerated techniques...they turned to a dull grey, and blueberry namelaka became an ugly grey). 
there was also the concern regarding balance of flavor.  when everything is based off the same fruit, it is difficult to not make the dish monotonous. 
the one non purple component became a yuzu parfait, after that everything became a garnish that was built around the parfait.

it is interesting to see how different techniques promote individual colors which then make the overall dishes take on a different vibe.


christopher ford said...

really beautiful ron, im with you on the whole gray thing, it sucks to have such a cool idea then for it to look like conrete..haha. great post.

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