tears on fresh fruit (sparklehorse)

i really wish the diner would appreciate a dish like this as much as i do.  aside from the olive oil sherbet, there are no pastry techniques, merely a compressed stone fruit salad (peach, plum, nectarine; compressed, some pickled).  small pearl tapioca infused with vanilla, various herbs, santa chiara olive oil.
not shown is the peach consomme (gelatin filtration) that is poured tableside. 


Tal Hazan said...


Anonymous said...

how do you compressed this fruit?
keep doing the best :)
thank you.

ron. said...

the fruit is prepared by slicing thin with a mandoline. stacking them in a bag with simple syrup and rice wine vinegar. then into the cryovac machine and processing on the highest setting. these sit in the bag for about 30 minutes. because they are cut thin they don't need to be in the bag for long.

Anonymous said...

thank you.

chala said...

sounds gorgeous!!! I live half of the year in italy and I just love summer peaches, esp.white ones, this idea of yours s just pure genius!!! I must try to figure out an olive oil sherbet... that would go with so many things!!!


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