celebrated summer

the end of summer is hitting me hard.  walking through the farmers market i feel like i am in limbo. i see the ghosts of summer in the now flavorless strawberries, the blueberry vendor's empty stall, and the plump stonefruit that takes a little extra something to extract any flavor.
this dish should be off the menu in a couple of days (as soon as i think of what to replace it with).
continuing with the peach consomme, yogurt panna cotta is set in alginate to make spheres.  vanilla bean tapioca, compressed peaches, sliced plums, candied meyer lemon peel, various herbs and flowers, and that peach consomme poured at the table.
i do enjoy the concept because when the spheres are broken, the yogurt mixes with the tapioca to make a tapioca pudding of sorts. 
maybe something to look into more..............


Barzelay said...

I thought you were making a panna cotta base (gelatin and all) then making alginate spheres with it while still warm, and letting the gelatin set in the spherified shape. New way to mold panna cotta!

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