where is my mind?

the train of thought went like this.....baked yams or sweet potatoes (fall is starting), yams with marshmallow topping, marshmallow turns into a meringue, if i make a sweet potato ice cream and place it on a sponge cake i can turn it into a baked alaska, still using the sweet potato and meringue/marshmallow idea, all the while keeping the "baked" aspect.

i don't care much for the piped meringue look, it is too contrived.  so i just dipped the cakes in the meringue and let it swirl naturally with a little help from an offset spatula.  the cakes are baked in the oven for 3 minutes to give the meringue a little crunch. meyer lemon and buddha hand fruit give the flavor balance i need to counteract the sweet potato and meringue.

sweet potato ice cream, meyer lemon genoise, meringue, genoise croutons, meyer lemon peel puree, buddha hand fruit(julienned), pomegranate seeds, pansy petals


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