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All dessert dinner is sweet success | Blog

All dessert dinner is sweet success | Blog

welcome to my world

follow the link and you will see what our DessertFirst! pop-up dinner was like.....


in honor of the now (should be?) infamous "killed by dessert" http://michaellaiskonis.typepad.com/main/2012/11/killed-by-dessert-20-austin-texas.html,

 i sought to organize a Central Coast version.
http://wedemanddessertfirst.com/Dessert First

Stephanie Prida of Manresa, Yulanda Santos of Sierra Mar at Post Ranch Inn, Ben Spungin of Marinus, and I finally got our stuff together and are having a benefit dinner. 
Check it out, buy some tickets if you can make it down here, keep checking out the blog for more updates and finally a  post-dinner post.  :)

if it is a trend, then it is a good one and i hope it continues....

audience #2

honeydew melon sorbet, cucumber, and yogurt

pine ice cream, yogurt, alaskan maple syrup with birch

candy cap bavarois (nitro), milk chocolate cremeux, maple, coffee

chocolate-praline terrine

chocolate namelaka, coffee meringues, rooibos ice cream, lemon curd chips, chicory


got some amazing huckleberries.  not sure if i'll get much more.  it's getting time for fall and to start thinking about more robust flavors.

cream cheese, huckleberry sorbet, pine, matcha, white chocolate

walking in my shoes

i found these stones outside the restaurant, stacked as they were.  most likely, everyone walked by them. i saw something inspiring.  a natural beauty, organic in nature though something man-made.  almost as if they were meant to be stacked...irregular in shape, various sizes and cuts, yet similar enough to compliment each other.  various shades of the same color. within the still life there was texture and movement.
i saw inspiration...and beauty....and it made me think...
chocolate cremeux, chocolate parfait, violet meringue, blackberry cremeux, feuillatine, violet croquant, blackberry sauce and drupes

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